Turning Your Dreams into Memories

You’ve dreamed about this day for many years – the romance, the style, the atmosphere, and the fun. And for many years I’ve helped turn dreams like yours into wonderful memories. I know that finding that special wedding DJ/entertainer may not be quite as fulfilling as finding that special someone, but since the entertainment is usually the most remembered portion of your wedding day (by both you and your guests), the memories could last just as long :). I realize that, and as a DJ who specializes in wedding receptions, I am committed to making your special day end with class and fun and a host of your dreams becoming a reality. I pride myself on making every reception one that will be remembered, appreciated, and easy for you and your guests to have a fantastic time.

Your Wedding Package Includes:


  • Personalized Service: Although brides and grooms regularly say they’ve loved what I’ve done at their receptions (see the references tabs at the top), I know that every couple’s tastes and reception ideas are different. Whatever your style of reception you have in mind, I will match the music and my personality to create an ambiance that reflects what you want. How do I know what you have in mind? I’ll sit down with you face to face and ask. I’ll listen to your tastes and offer suggestions from my many years of wedding receptions. I’ll stay in contact with you as your special day approaches and plan and tweak till I have it as you want it. In short, I want you to be totally thrilled you hired me. It’s my personal commitment to you for excellence, and I can only do that by knowing what you want and planning the evening together with you.
  • My Wedding Reception Planner Booklet: I’ve designed a detailed guide and I will walk you through not only the styles and songs you’d like (and wouldn’t like), but the order of how you’d like the reception to take place, and what you want to include and leave out. Weather you have the whole evening planned out, or don’t know where to start, this will get both you and your DJ on the same page. I’ve had many a “thank you so much” from brides for this booklet alone.

  • Master of Ceremonies (MC): I’m very comfortable on the microphone, and I will be happy to make the necessary announcements and lead your guests (both physically and emotionally) to the next phase that you and your DJ have planned out ahead of time. If you’d like, I’ll take the responsibility of directing the flow of an evening (following the Reception Planner Booklet you’ve filled out), and even take the role of host on your behalf. This should be a fun time for you two, leave the stress of the reception details to me.

  • A fun, classy DJ: In addition to MCing the evening, I have the reputation for creating moments (some romantic and some fun) throughout the evening that involves both you two and your guests. Never cheesy or off color, many of my “you were great, I loved when you did when …” and referrals comes from memories of those times.

  • The large light package: From floating bubbles (where allowed) and romantic lighting during your first dance to my fun dancing DJ lights (with microphones inside them) that actually move and groove to the beat of the music, I bring it all. I’ve noticed that a great light show really helps the ambience for both the soft and upbeat times, so I’ve included it in every wedding package!

  • Music Variety: I have one of the largest music libraries in Middle Tennessee that ranges from tunes that just hit the radio this month to all the classics of yesteryear. Everything I have is edited, so you won’t have to worry about your grandma or little cousins getting offended. With my experience of knowing what songs people love to dance to, combined with what you’ve requested in your wedding reception planner, the night will never have to get dull, uncomfortable, or boring.

  • State of the Art Sound System: I play the music using my computer based DJ software, and include everything down to a subwoofer and wireless microphone for toasts, etc. Because I also rent my sound equipment to bands and various venues, I have compiled one of the most complete and best quality DJ sound systems in Middle Tennessee. If you’d like more information, give me a ring – I’d love to talk “tech” with you. I not only bring backup equipment for almost everything I use, most of it is in the room already powered up and ready to take over (including a second computer!). Because of this, I do bring more equipment than most DJ’s, so please allow 2 hours for me to set up and 1 ½ hours to tear down.

  • Image: I’ll fit right in to what you’d expect a classy wedding entertainer to wear. (you choose what specifically you’d like me to wear in the wedding reception planner). Even though I bring a lot of equipment, I take great care that my DJ table and sound system looks sharp and classy when you and your guests arrive.

  • “Works well with others”: I am always happy work with the other professionals that you’ve hired for your special day, and strive hard to dispel the reputation that DJs are difficult to work with.

  • Four hours of music: Four hours of non-stop music are included in the wedding package. Time starts when the dinner music is scheduled to start. Additional time is $90/ hour after that. Travel, set-up, tear-down time is no extra charge within 40 miles from where I live (in Murfreesboro). Small mileage fees for travel time and gas apply outside of that (see the FAQs page).

    This complete Wedding Packages is only $700!

    Check your date below and let's talk about how to make your wedding reception one to be remembered!


    Additional packages: 

      Up Lighting:

      Cutting edge technology provides us with the opportunity do what our partents only dreamed of. LED uplighting sits on the floor and points straight up on the wall/fabrick/pillar etc. This can turn most any room into the color of your dreams - including your wedding colors. Unlike the standard par cans, they never get hot, draw much less power, and can even fade from one color to another. A perfect and affordable way to transform any hall into something spectactular.

          • LED par can (minimun of 4) : $30 each

      Computer Based Slide Show:

      Gone are the days when parents just cluttered a table with pictures of the bride and groom growing up and dating. Many receptions now present a computerized slide show (Power Point/ custom DVD) to project the pictures on a screen, and even sync up a song to play during the viewing of the pictures during the reception. So can you:). Both of these options below include a projector, large screen, audio hookups into our sound system (if required). Most importantly, The DJ will set up, test and run the video at the appropriate time.

          • You (or your family) providing the Power Point CD/ DVD: $75
          • The Canvas Mobile DJs creating the slide show (including syncing up a song of your choice), using your digital pictures: $175

      Your words overdubbed in a song and played during a special dance:

      The bride and/ or groom come into my recording studio with a pre-scripted handful of short heartfelt sentences. After recording them, we will intersperse them into the song of your choice during the segments where the singer isn’t singing. As I play it on your wedding night, everyone will now hear not only the song, but your voice through the speakers as you dance with that special someone. Usually used for the Bride/Father and Groom/Mother dances, this can be a powerful time to say thanks for everything while you dance with your mother or father.

          • Your voice over a song: $75 per song

      Second Sound System for Outside Ceremonies:

      For couples needing a sound system for the ceremony portion of their wedding day, we offer a complete second sound system. This system will include a wireless lavaliere (clip on) mic for your minister, music for pre and post ceremony (your choice of course!), any songs you need during the ceremony (with or without the vocals). Any other microphones (for singers, etc.) and most any audio equipment you might require is also included. I will bring out an additional DJ/engineer to help with set up, break down, and other details, so that your DJ will be able to have dinner music playing when your first guest arrives at the reception location. Once the second DJ/engineer is finished breaking down the ceremony sound system, he will also stay and help the DJ out during the rest of the evening. This is a flat rate (not time dependant) and will not eat into the 4 hour block of reception time.

          • Complete second system (same property) : $150


      Though we typically don’t recommend karaoke for a wedding reception, some couples have requested it. As with all our equipment, our karaoke system is top notch and run from our computers. Just like our dance music, it is rare that we don’t have a song that is requested.  You can choose to have a rotation with the karaoke and the dancing, or even a set time frame for just karaoke. 

          •  Karaoke: $100

      Your name (or initials) in lights:

      I own what is called a “gobo” light projector. Weather you want your two names, your last initial, “congratulations” or anything else, this will project that on the wall, dance floor, or anywhere else. A very cool, classy way to personalize your reception. This can be done in any color, and with any font (I have some really neat ones, or you can send me one that matches your invitations, etc.). Let me know far in advance, because your gobo will take several weeks to be created.

          • Custom gobo created and displayed: $75

    As you can see by actual testimonials we have posted, brides, families and guests have all expressed appreciation for what we have done. To be honest, that makes us proud. We work hard to make you and your guests dance, laugh, and maybe even shed some tears of joy (at least that’s what we think they are).  As a bridesmaid once told me, “a DJ can really make or break a wedding reception”. I think so too, and we’d like to help make yours a wonderful night to remember for the rest of your lives, as I turn your dreams into memories. Feel free to call me at 615.364.9700 and congratulations on your engagement 


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