Yup, I have that song, plus all the other danceable tunes in that genre (style). I put it like this - if it’s been on the radio in last 100 years, I have it. If you have a song request that’s a bit out there, and by some fluke I don’t already have it (and yes, that would be a fluke), let me know at least 2 weeks before your party, I'll go get it. I subscribe to a music service created for radio stations and professional DJs that keeps me so current that I already have what will make it on the radio next month - in the top 5 genres.

I'll work together with you to design a playlist for your party. I definitely want to play your favorites, and with my extensive experience in what usually works for a party like yours, we’ll come up with a great playlist together. Don’t have the time or confidence that you can pick songs that will work? No problem. Let me know the type of party you’re planning and Celebration Entertainment will put together a huge playlist of songs that I know will get your guests up and grooving.

Because I use professional computer software designed for mobile DJs, I will actually "pull" most of the music that I’ll be using for your party the week before into a new folder. This will allow me some freedom the night of your party to do what great DJs do - interact with your guests and “read” what songs and styles seem to be working, and tweaking that playlist as the night unfolds.

Do I have a bunch of great remixes and mashups? Yup. Is all of my music edited? Yup. Do I customize every playlist to meet your desires? Yup. Am I maybe just a bit too proud of all the music I offer you? Naw…