Hi! My name is Ezekiel Storm, tho everybody just calls me Zēk (that’s geek with a “Z”), and I am the entertainer and DJ here at Celebration Entertainment. I started performing in front of people from a young age, and all through high school and college I’ve been in front of crowds and behind a microphone, so it only seemed natural that I became a mobile DJ/entertainer. In college I was a DJ on a radio station in St. Paul, MN, and in the 1990’s I moved to Nashville and founded a small café/club where I was the resident DJ, and trained other DJs on the finer arts of keeping an evening rolling. In the last 20 years, my DJ company has gone through 3 name changes, with the most recent being The Canvas Mobile DJ's, but I now have made the final metamorphosis to Celebration Entertainment, where the naem says it all.

Recently my wife asked me if I really liked DJing. I thought about it for a second, and replied with a heartfelt “Yes, I really do”. I get a kick out of planning and performing a fantastic show and helping create memories for my clients to take home with them for a lifetime. This is what I will be doing for the rest of my life.

My DJing Philosophy

It’s all about you. Yes, I do bring a lot to the table in terms of my energy, fun, interaction, MCing skills, a great personality (so I’ve been told), music styles, willingness to help plan and coordinate your event, and my extensive experience in all types of events. At the risk of sounding corny, it’s all for you. Read my testimonials, and you’ll begin to see my commitment, and ultimate accomplishments of being one of the best vendor choices many others have already made. I also understand that you are unique, so I work very hard to take all of my skills and experience and form it into your idea of what you want a DJ to be.

You are spending your hard earned money to put a party together, and you deserve (and therefore you will get) my very best. How am I accomplishing that? One way is continuing to hone my DJ, MC and entertainment skills. At least once a year I attend a regional or national DJ conference (didn’t know those existed, did you?), I subscribe to the mobile DJ industry magazine (Mobile Beat), and am a founding member of the Tennessee Mobile DJ Association (TMDJA). Through these various resources, I am very much in touch with the current trends of the mobile DJ world, am always learnig new and exciting ways to enhance the music, and am helping to steer the industry towards ever increasing quality and reputation right here in Nashville.

I'd love to meet you face to face, talk through your ideas, offer my many years of entertainment expertise, and will even (if you want) use my expertise to help you plan your party, direct it as the evening unfolds, and even go as far as taking the role of host on your behalf. These come as no extra charge, and I’m confident that if you let me see your vision for the party you are planning, I’ll be able to work with you to turn those plans into something wonderfully memorable.

“Fun. Classy. Memorable.” is the motto I DJ by. The fun shows in the connectivity and smiles I will bring to you and your guests, and I’ll use that to provide everyone more that just great music. The class is the care and style that I’ll bring to your event. I’ll look nice, conduct myself in a very professional manner, and leave you with your guests commenting on your great choice of a DJ.. When you allow me to pull all that together for you, your night can’t help but be memorable.