Congratulations on your new job title - "Special Events Coordinator"!

Here at Celebration Entertainment I know that you may not have realized the time it would take when you "volunteered" to have to find a DJ to book (and the other million things involved in planning your business event), and you likely just want to get back to your real job, title and all (or not).  I also understand that the DJ you hire will reflect directly back on you and your business, and I don't take this responsibility lightly. I'm confident that you can not only find a great DJ, but do it without having to spend half a day looking. I present myself...

Weather you'd like a low key, classy "dinner music and dance" evening, or are really looking forward everyone in the office letting down their hair, I have the ability to generate the kind of atmosphere you desire. I have extensive experience with corporate clients, and have the skills, professional equipment, and fun but classy demeanor needed to walk the fine line between the corporate world and an enjoyable evening to be remembered next week at the coffee maker.

If you'd like, I can even put my experience and skills to work in helping you plan your event, co-ordinate and direct the different aspects of your party the day of, and even the host and MC the event on your company's behalf.

In addition to my reliable top notch sound system, I can also provide my corporate clients a wireless handheld or lavaliere (clip on) microphone for any company business that needs to be taken care of, any sort of audio hook-up into my system for a Power Point/DVD presentation, and any thing else you might need from the audio world. As with all of my packages, I'll bring my huge light show to help set the mood and enhance the evening. I also have additional packages that include a projector and screen available for video or power point presentations, fun team building activities that I can facilitate, and even the ever popular karaoke. Click on the "karaoke, projectors, and additional packages" above for more information. I'm also available for multi day conferences where I can co-ordinate the audio and video for seminars, and plan various parties and activities at night.

As always, I'll customize the music playlist to your tastes. Fill out one of the music style request sheets (including what you don't want to hear) that I'll include with the contract. Whatever you decide, I'll have it available as I pull from my extensive song library (if it's been on the radio in the last 100 years, I have it). Contact me, and I'll go over what you and your co-workers have planned for the evening, how much group interaction you would like from your DJ, and how you want your event to play out. Whatever you decide you need me for, you'll find I am a professional whom you can rely on to run your event smoothly, professionally, and without a hitch, all while keeping a smile on my (and your) face.

My rates are hard to beat (I encourage you to check around), my excitement is catchy (hey - I love what I do!), and I'd love to serve you (plus, I can help you cross this project off your list of things to do to today).

Check the availability of your date below, or call me at 615.364.9700 and let's talk about your upcoming event. Complete Corporate Event parties start at only $700.

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