Christian events of any kind are an honor for us to bring our services to. As a Christian owned and run DJ service, we truly love DJing events that entail Christian music. Typically what we are asked to do is play a combination of classic Christian music, current Christian music mixed with secular music that is lyrically uplifting and tasteful. However if you want us to spin exclusively Christian music, we’d be happy to do it (although due to the limited amount of Christian music regularly released, we may have to widen the styles of music at the event.) From Christian conferences to youth ralleys to church parties, our experienced DJ will opportate the sound or DJ and bring in the right music to glorify Christ in whatever event your church or Christian group does!
As a former worship leader, our DJ is quite familiar with the uniqueness of dealing with Church Youth Groups, Christian Summer Camps, and various other Christian Organizations. It’s up to you to decide how involved you want the DJ to be (group dances/songs?), how you want the music to fit your event, and how loud you want the sound system to be.

Along with a guarantee that our service will be both professional and of high quality, we also guarantee that your service provider will only be an asset to your event. Even though we mostly handle secualar events, our DJ has a constant integrity and outstanding character that shows his convictions no matter the job or setting. We promise:
• No advertising at your event.
• No eating or smoking at your event.
• Always appropriately dressed for your event.
• No inappropriate language used at your event.
• Always avoid being the center of attention at your event.

Our rates are unbeatable (we encourage you to check around), our excitement is catchy (hey – we love what we do!), and we’d love to serve you.

Complete events start at only $700

See if your date is available or contact us.