School Events

• High School Dances/Proms
• Class Reunions
• Club/Organization Parties
• Teacher Conferences
• In-school Rallies
• College Dances & Parties

For whatever the age group for a school event, our DJ is well prepared with the best selection of music, be it today's best dance and pop music or the greatest hits from the graduation year for a class reunion.
Charity Functions

• Non-profit Org. Parties
• Fundraisers
• Benefit Dinners
Charity events aren't usually known for their excellent quality as far as equipment, music, and sound guys goes. We are dedicated to bringing the very best to your charity function so that the event will go as successful as possible!
Family Celebrations

 • Family Reunions
 • Birthday Parties
 • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
 • Retirement Dinners
 • Engagement Parties
 • Graduation Parties
 • Anniversary Parties
These may be the most memorable and important celebrations that you have in your life and we want to be there to help it to go easy and wonderful for you.

Since each event has different needs, our rates very accordingly. We make sure that our prices are only fair to you, so that you aren't paying for what you aren't getting.

Complete events start at only $700

See if your date is available or contact us.